Medicine, Critical Care, Anaesthesia


We are constantly seeking to improve our medical and critical care knowledge through     conferences, journals and other forms of continuing education. With Peter Hayes’ Membership in Small Animal Medicine, Joyce Ballances’ Membership in Emergency Medicine, Critical Care and Anaesthesia and Meg and Kims’ post graduate study in medicine we also have a wealth of knowledge in the clinic from day to day!

We use the latest Humphries Paediatric Anaesthetic Circuits and Devilbiss Oxygen Concentrator to provide safe inhalant anaesthesia for our patients. Our intravenous fluids are administered by electronic fluid pumps ensuring safe and accurate fluid therapy.

Our trained nurses use pulse oximeters (oxygenation and heart rate) and Doppler blood pressure monitors to continually assess your pet throughout surgery and when requiring intensive care. We also use the latest vet420A advanced anaesthesia monitor in our sterile surgical facility. This is a multi-parameter patient monitor that provides constant monitoring of blood pressure, respiration rate, heart rate, ECG, internal body temperature and oxygen saturation. This means the highest level of care for your pet while undergoing general anaesthesia.