Online Repeat Prescriptions

Some medications we prescribe for your pet may be for long-term use and treatment.

Some medications are restricted veterinary medicines (RVMs)  and must be authorised  by one of our veterinarians for an animal “under their treatment”. This means the vet has both legal and ethical obligations for the correct use of these medicines and as such we are required to follow strict guidelines for their use.

We require regular (at least 6 monthly) vet check-ups (this maybe more often if your pet is put on a  new medication or there is a dose change.

This is to:

  • ensure your pet is not suffering from any side-effects
  • ensures that the medication is appropriate and to discuss possible new treatment regimes

that may have become available

  • means we are able to weigh your animal and ensure the dose is still correct
  • is a legal requirement for veterinarians to ensure you and your pet are still ‘under veterinary care’


Please note we do not routinely authorise repeats of either antibiotics, eye or ear drops.

To order a repeat prescription of medication

Please call the practice and a staff member will take your order. Please ensure you leave us a suitable contact telephone number in the event  we need to contact you regarding your prescription request.

After placing your order, your repeat prescription will be ready after 3pm the following day this gives us time to:

–  check your clinical records to make sure the medication is still correct and appropriate for your animal or if they require a check up

–  gives the veterinarian time to issue and dispense the prescription medications you require for your pet

–  allows us time to order some of the products needed if they are not in stock,

–  means that your prescription will be ready on time

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