Life saving after hours care

Last weekend, Bea the 3 year old labrador presented to our clinic as an after hours emergency. Bea's mum was away, and Bea was being looked after by a friend. The friend called and was very concerned about Bea's behaviour - she was trembling all over and looked as if she was about to have a seizure. Bea is usually a client of another local clinic, and the Stoke clinic were on call and organised to see Bea right away.

When Bea presented to us at the clinic, she could stand but only just, and she was progressing to full seizure activity. Bea had no known access to any toxins. We were unable to place an IV (intravenous) catheter in Bea to administer medication because she was now collapsed and seizuring. We administered some medication rectally which relaxed her ever so slightly and then we were able to place an catheter.

Bea did not respond to intravenous sedation drugs to attempt to control the seizures, so the call was made to anaesthetise her to try and control the seizures.

Once Bea was under anaesthetic, we placed a long tube down into her stomach to remove any stomach contents, and also so we could see what she had ingested to make her fit. We emptied Bea's stomach and flushed it over and over with water, then administered a charcoal solution which can be useful to help to absorb the toxins. Bea also had several warm water enemas to flush her bowels while she was under anaesthetic.

Each time we attempted to wake Bea up from the anaesthetic, she went straight back to seizuring. Bea ended up being under anaesthetic for just over 13 hours. Our vet Ingrid and nurse Lisa stayed overnight at the clinic with Bea, monitoring her on her CRI (constant rate infustion) of anaesthetic drug and giving top ups every 15-20 minutes. Around 6.30am on Sunday morning, Ingrid and Lisa tried to wake Bea up again. Amazingly, she woke up slowly without fitting!

We are pleased to report Bea has made a full recovery and has been discharged back to her usual vet clinic. We still don't know what Bea ate to make her so unwell, and probably never will!

Bea is a fabulous dog with an absolutely incredible owner, and we are SO pleased she is healthy and well again!