Helping Gary breathe easy

Gary is an 8-year-old British Bulldog who is a very important member of his family! He had difficulty breathing, as his breed often do, because of his narrow nostrils, airways and excess tissue in his throat (soft palate). This severely impacts his quality of life, despite all the fabulous things his family do to keep him safe, calm and cool. Recently, he had a period of severe decompensation which threatened his life. We managed to get Gary through this episode, but it spurred the Stoke Vet team and Gary’s family on to do something about this. Every month, the Stoke Vets has specialist surgeon Dr Andrew Worth from Massey University to visit to perform specialist procedures. 

After much discussion and deliberation, it was decided that despite considerable surgical risk, Gary would undergo surgery to debulk (shorten and narrow) his soft palate. Much preparation was put into ensuring Gary was adequately prepared for this surgery and the team was on hand for the next 24 hours to perform emergency tracheotomy should it be required.The surgery went really well, Gary recovered brilliantly and has gone from strength to strength post op. His owner has noted that she now must go looking for him at home as she can’t hear him from afar anymore.