Dr. Phillipa's Florida Adventure

I feel very honoured and privileged to be the first veterinarian recipient of the Dr Stephen Coles NVC Scholarship.

The scholarship involved attendance at the 33rd annual veterinary dental forum in Orlando Florida USA at the end of October. I attended this conference with a nurse nominee from an Australian NVC clinic.

The speakers were some of the best veterinary dentists in the world and were incredibly passionate about their work. There was 5 streams of talks running simultaneously, from fundamental dentistry to more advanced topics as well as a zoo and wildlife stream. At the same times as the talks practical sessions were run teaching advanced techniques and cementing concepts in commonly performed procedures.

The highlight for me was hearing the ‘veterinary dental gods’, Drs Brett Beckman and Fraser Hale, talk about tips and tricks for quicker extractions and dental issues that arise in young dogs and cats. I was able to attend a feline extraction lab and built on my extraction skills, a sometimes necessary job to ensure overall general wellness and dental health. We have the advantage of dental x-ray available here at Stoke, this means we do not extract any teeth unless it is necessary to do so. We like to keep as many healthy teeth in your pets mouth as possible.

More and more owners are seeing the benefits of caring for their pets teeth and oral health, a regular scale and polish is a great first step in managing your friends oral healthcare.

I have learnt so much from attending this outstanding conference and aim to incorporate this new knowledge into the way we manage dentistry at Stoke Veterinary Hospital.