Dr Phillipa to receive Dr Stephen Coles NVC Scholarship

Stoke Vet Dr Phillipa Bagnall

The team at Stoke Veterinary hospital are absolutely delighted one of our own veterinary surgeons has been selected to be the recipient of the very first Dr Stephen Coles NVC Scholarship to attend a specialist veterinary dental forum in Orlando Florida. We want to acknowledge Dr Phillipa Bagnall as a scholarship winner and very valuable member of the Stoke Veterinary Hospital team.

Phillipa loves to meet and greet all her patients with a smile and has a strong interest in keeping our patients smiles in the best condition possible.

A little bit about this amazing special scholarship...

Dr Stephen Coles was an outstanding Veterinary Surgeon, his experience, guidance and generosity in training the next generation of veterinarians and vet nurses will be a legacy that will elevate the veterinary sector for decades to come. For more than 20 years he served as honorary zoological dentist at Melbourne Zoo, seeing to the oral health of more than 3000 animals, from big cats to gorillas and hippopotamus.

Dr Coles was a skilled and passionate veterinary surgeon and an outstanding mentor. Sadly, Dr Coles passed away earlier this year and the scholarship was established to encourage vets to reach veterinary excellence in dentistry.

Phillipa will bring back her training and knowledge to Stoke Veterinary Hospital and share this with the rest of our great veterinary surgeons and our patients and community. Better extraction techniques and better ways to save teeth including endodontics. We use our dental x-ray machine daily to determine if teeth do need to be extracted or not, therefore saving as many as possible.

More and more clients and patients are seeing and understanding the benefit of preventative dental treatment. This can help to prolong an animal’s life and keep them comfortable and happy with sparkly clean teeth!!

Phillipa and the rest of the veterinary team at Stoke are available for appointments or you can book in for a dental check with one of our nursing team.

To have a look at the benefit Best For Pet offers for dental procedures please visit bestforpet.co.nz or ask in clinic.